Getting to Know Viscose Twill

Getting to Know Viscose Twill The pronouncingof Viscose Twill is from 2 syllables that have each respective meanings, namely Viscose and Twill. Viscose is a type of fabric made from cellulose fibers, and Twill is a basic weaving technique known for its characteristic diagonal lines from the surface. The characteristics of Viscose Twill are actually […]

Cotton Vs Viscose, which one do you prefer ?

Cotton Vs Viscose, which one do you prefer ? Cotton and Viscose are types of fabrics commonly used in the textile industry. The main difference between Cotton and Viscose is that Cotton uses natural materials and Viscose is made of natural polymers. Let’s get to know what Cotton is first, Cotton is made from natural […]

 What is Voal Fabric?

 What is Voal Fabric? Voal named is taken from the French word Voile which means hijab. Voal Fabric is commonly used as a hijab material in general, this material has a semi-transparent material, quite thin but when folded it will not see through. This Voal Fabric is a type of material that contains 100% thin […]

Eco-Friendly Organic Fabric

So what is Organic Fabric? You must have quite familiar with Organic Fabric. But, have you ever wondered what Organic Fabric really is? What are the advantages? And why is it called organic? Organic Fabric is a cotton material made from 100% cotton and is safe for the environment. Of course, the manufacturing process is […]

Get Closer with Tencel Material

Get Closer with Tencel Material. What is Tencel material? Maybe that’s some people’s questions about this Tencel. Maybe Tencel is not quite heard for people. But what Tencel really is? And what are the advantages of this Tencel? Let’s discuss. Tencel actually is a brand named made from Lyocell fiber. Manufactured from sustainably sourced wood […]

Rayon Voile

Rayon Voile Details Pricelist Details Fabric width : 145 cm Width of Printing Area : 142 cm Weight : 83 gsm Thickness : – Base Color : optic white Shrinkage Color : + 5-10% in length and width Color Tolerance : + 5% Skewing Tolerance : + 8% Uses Dress Scarf Sleepwear Shirt Pricelist Panjang […]