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We have heard that fabrics in the market often overclaim to be organic, which makes customers less trustful and undermines the quality of organic fabrics.

Therefore, we have created the EcoFabric Series with the new water solution technology, which makes the fabric softer. Thus, we can prove that our organic fabric is way more softer to what is available in the market.

New Water Solution

The latest innovation from Zalmon Fabric, where during the final production process, the water solution used in this process has been created by us to make the resulting fabric feel softer without compromising its existing advantages. This technology can save water usage and is more environmentally friendly.

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EcoFacio is the latest innovative fabric from Zalmon Fabric that is improved with the latest water solution technology, resulting in a softer end result, smoother texture on the skin, and more breathable while still maintaining the fabric’s firm characteristics. This new collection comes in a variety of fabric variations ranging from those with stretch characteristics to lightweight ones.

EcoFion is the latest fabric collection from Zalmon Fabric, which comes with an improved water solution technology, resulting in a much more breathable, flowy, and soft fabric. The characteristics of this series make it suitable for use as daily wear in tropical regions.

EcoBamboo series is the latest fabric series from Zalmon Fabric made from enhanced bamboo & cotton knit jersey. EcoBamboo produces a different type of fabric compared to the previous collection, with a softer texture that is suitable for use in baby wear. The EcoBamboo series also comes with a more optimal absorption capacity, making it a viable organic fabric option for t-shirt materials.

EcoSilk series is the latest fabric series from Zalmon Fabric made from silk yarn with the latest water solution technology. This results in a comfortable fabric to wear while maintaining a luxury, shiny look and fiber quality that is more durable even without polyester blends. With this latest fiber quality, the colors produced from the EcoSilk series are far more vibrant compared to the previous collection.

EcoBlend series is the latest fabric series from Zalmon Fabric made from enhanced sustainable fabric. With the latest water solution technology, the EcoBlend series produces various new fabric variations that are in line with current trends, yet still have a unique character for each fabric. The EcoBlend series still prioritizes sustainability and the highest fabric quality.

Lenzing fabric is known as a more sustainable option compared to other viscose fabrics, with more controlled resources and production. But not only is it superior in its sustainable value, Lenzing fabric is made to benefit users by creating fibers that are soft like viscose, but have a durability more similar to cotton. This fabric from Lenzing is very soft and can be recognized at the first touch. So far, we acknowledge that many people love Lenzing fabric even at the first touch.

What makes the EcoFabric Series different?

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