By making payment, Customers already know and read all the design and production terms of Zalmon Fabric. The price includes fabric and printing service without the limitation of designs and colors.

1. Duration of Fabric Printing Process

  • Fabric printing process takes 14-20 working days (depending on printing queue, daily production printing schedule, and others)
  • We implement the FIFO (First In First Out) and your order will be processed according to the daily production printing schedule. This process can not be quickened and it does not include any kind of production failure. Customers are eligible to reprint a defected fabric (Terms and Conditions apply, click here to read)
  • Color matching takes 7-10 working days (depending on the design quantity and difficulty)
  • Our production lead time does not include Saturday, Sunday and Indonesian Public Holiday
  • If the production process is completed earlier than scheduled, the fabric will be sent directly to the customer (all forms of payment should have been completed).
  • The fabric will be sent D+1 after the production process is completed.

All designs that have been submitted and processed for payment cannot be replaced as they will automatically be input into our system.
The design quantity and difficulty can affect the production lead time.

2. Production Factors

  • The production process of natural fabrics will take longer than polyester fabrics (which polyester fabric only takes 3-5 days). Due to the length of production steps which consists of:
    _ The process of moving your designs into the printing machine (a file that is larger than 100mb needs longer time)
    _ Printing process
    _ Pre-steaming process and steaming process
    _ Washing process
    _ Setting process
    _ Finishing process
    _ Quality control
  • All of our fabrics have been washed and set so that the fabric will be ready for immediate use. For video production can be watched at Process by Zalmon Fabric.
  • The occurrence of uncontrollable factors such as machine maintenance, the rarity of raw materials, regulation adjustments, and import tax duty (machine, sparepart, and ink are imported). Should these occurrences happen, our customer representative will inform you beforehand.

3. Ready-to-Print Design Layout

The design will always be printed vertically, X axis as the fabric length and horizontally, Y axis as the widht. We take no responsibility or liability for any errors given by the customers (the position of the XY axis is not in accordance with our direction)

4. Guides to Make a Design File using Adobe Photoshop

  • Please note the resolution, color mode and color profile. All should be in RGB. The resolution should be in 150ppi when the file is created.
  • In order to make sure your file is not pixelated, please check it on View – Print Size. Your final print should be sharp enough if on this step you see your file is not blurred.
  • There will be a tolerance and color difference between your design on the screen/monitor with the final print due to the characteristic of our natural fabric. To adjust the color sharpness of your design, please check it on Image – Adjustments – Levels.
  • Please check on Input Levels to adjust the levels.
  • More detail explanation regarding to this, click here.

5. Color Differences between Screen/Monitor and Final Print

  • The color shown on screen/monitor can not be used as reference for the final print
  • There will be a + 10% tolerance between the colors on the monitor and the fabrics due to the ability of each screen/monitor to show colors, as well as the ability of the printer head to read existing color designs. The characteristics of our natural fabrics can affect the color absorption.
  • For a solid black color, the final print will not be as solid as the black color printed on polyester fabric
    For a design with white color, the final print will be the same as the basic color of the fabric (designs with white color are not printed)
  • There are several factor that will affect the final color on fabric
  • To achieve more accurate colors, you can use our color matching / color option service (more detail on point 6)

6. Color Matching and Color Option Process (Proof Print for Color)

6.1 Color Matching

Customers can use our color matching service before moving to mass production for Rp59.000, you can send us the hardcopy (printed on paper) of your desired design or you can send the color reference in fabric form (the fabric type must be the same as the fabric you ordered). Please send the color reference to:

  • Receiver: Zalmon Fabric
  • Phone Number: (+62)898-9337-551
  • Adderss: Ruko Paskal Hyper Square (Unit B71, 3 floor), Jalan Pasirkaliki no 25-27. Bandung, Indonesia. 40181

6.2 Color Option

Customers can use our color option service for Rp59.000. Customers will get several color options (based on the given design). These color options consist of different color combinations, 10% darker and 10% lighter.

Please note:

  • There will be 5-10% tolerances between the color reference and the color matching result
  • Color matching process takes 7-10 working days (not included in the printing schedule). The final result of color matching will be more accurate.
  • Color Option process takes 5-7 working days (not included in the printing schedule). The final result will not be as accurate as color matching, but the process is quicker.
  • Quantity and complexity level of the design will affect the duration of color matching and color option process
  • Color matching and color option will be proceed according to the timeline
  • Your color matching and color option result will only be valid for 3 months in our archive. Should you plan to reorder after 3 months, please redo the color matching and color option process to keep its accuracy.

7. Order Cancellation

Cancellation can be done in 1×24 hours after making payment. If the customer cancels order more than the specified time, the transaction that has been paid to Zalmon Fabric is considered forfeited. This is because the fabric have been processed by our production team.

8. Design Privacy and Copyright

  • Zalmon Fabric keeps the confidentiality of Customer designs and is willing to sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if required.
  • Customer is responsible for all copyrights submitted to Zalmon Fabric.
  • Zalmon Fabric is not responsible if there are claims/strikes regarding the copyright of designs sent by the Customer.