What is Voal Fabric?

Voal named is taken from the French word Voile which means hijab. Voal Fabric is commonly used as a hijab material in general, this material has a semi-transparent material, quite thin but when folded it will not see through.

This Voal Fabric is a type of material that contains 100% thin cotton, there are also several variations of the Voal Fabric which consists of a combination of rayon, linen, silk, and polyester fibers. Because of its smooth and soft texture, this material is commonly known as the Paris hijab but is a way more “premium” version.

Here are some of the advantages of Voal Fabric that can be considered for using Voal Fabric as the main hijab fabric.

  1. Texture, there are two word can describe about this Voal Fabric, soft and sheer. Even if you fold it in half, the Voal Fabric will not heat up and will also absorb sweat. And of course comfortable to use.
  2. Lightweight characteristics and the arrangement of the threads are generally made tenuous, thus making a lot of air that enters between the folds of the hijab, so it is very suitable to use during day time because it wont make you stiflingly hot.
  3. Voal material offers a variety of beautiful and anti-mainstream motifs that will definitely make you more confident.

However, where there were advantages there are definitely also had disadvantages, here are some of the disadvantages of the Voal Fabric.

  1. The material is so smooth or soft, which can be a drawback because there is the possibility of tearing easily.
  2. If you put it in the washing machine, it is recommended that it be Delicate Wash and should not be mixed with other clothes.

Because there are a lot advantages of this Voal Fabric, making this type of fabric much popular with the public and quite in demand, so there are some people who are not responsible for making fake Voal and claiming to be the original Voal material. Here are some tips to tell the difference between real and fake.

  1. Real Voal Fabrics have smoother fur, so you have to check by touching them, as fake Voals usually don’t have any smooth fur on the surface.
  2. Colors and designs printed on Voal Fabric will be faded and matte. If a Voal Fabric displays a very bright or Glossy color, then you can be sure it is not Voal.

The following tips can help you avoid buying fake Voal Fabrics. And each product must have its advantages and disadvantages, but as mentioned above, it can be a consideration for using Voal cloth as a material for hijab and other products. But, if you are looking for a material that prioritizes the comfort and quality of a product, Voal Fabric can be one of the right choices to use. And with the fake Voal Fabric, you could say this Voal Fabric is indeed quite good and is loved by the public until there are psome people who are not responsible for fake this material.