Get Closer with Tencel Material.

What is Tencel material? Maybe that’s some people’s questions about this Tencel. Maybe Tencel is not quite heard for people. But what Tencel really is? And what are the advantages of this Tencel? Let’s discuss.

Tencel actually is a brand named made from Lyocell fiber. Manufactured from sustainably sourced wood with environmentally responsible processes. TENCEL™ fibers are found in the collections of many leading designers and renowned retailers of which Zalmon Fabric is one of them. You can often find this material in the form of sheets, blankets, scarves, hijabs, and mukena. This fiber from Tencel offers several advantages such as coming from nature, comfortable on the skin, durable softness, and strong decomposition.

As we mentioned above, Tencel is made of Lyocell fiber. This type of material comes from preserved wood fibers, namely Eucalyptus wood fibers, so these are several characteristics of these fibers.

Tencel Lyocell

Lyocell fiber has soft and comfortable characteristics, so it can be combined with various other types of fiber. Usually this Lyocell fiber can be combined with cotton, acrylic, wool, and silk. In addition to its soft and comfortable characteristics, Tencel also has a pretty good absorption capacity.

So, what are the characteristics and advantages of this Tencel? Here are some things about the characteristics and advantages of this Tencel.

Tencel Characteristics

The amount of Tencel thread counts that exceed 400 can generally be categorized into a type of textile fabric that has very superior quality. Some of the striking characteristics of Tencel and make this Tencel seem very special include:

  1. Tencel has softness characteristic
  2. Tencel made from organic materials that have a “soft hand feel” or gently touch on your skin
  3. Tencel fiber is very strong in wet or dry conditions.
  4. Give a comfortable experience when used and has characteristics and adjust room temperature naturally
  5. Has a good color absorption so if tencel processed in any colors or motifs it will not easily fade.
  6. Tencel can be combined with other natural or synthetic fibers.
  7. Has anti-bacterial properties thus offering better hygienic quality for fabrics.

Here are some Tencel characteristics that we can usually find from this Tencel, then let’s discuss some of the advantages of Tencel.

Tencel Advantages 

the basic ingredients used by Tencel are natural fibers. So no wonder if Tencel is known as one type of fabric that has advantages over other types of fabric. Some of the advantages offered by Tencel will also be a strong consideration for you to buy this Tencel.

  1. based from natural plants. Tencel comes from wood sources in the forest and is managed sustainably. The wood and pulp used for this fabric make Tencel generally harvested from certified and controlled sources.
  2. Safely processed. This Tencel is made of cellulose wood and processed with modern solvent technology. So this type of solvent is completely harmless to human body.
  3. Easy to recycle. Tencel is almost completely recyclable and can be used over and over again without any side effects.
  4. Comfortable. Tencel’s comfort tends to be softer than cotton. This makes Tencel itself feels very comfortable on the skin and will not irritate even people with sensitive skin.
  5. Hard to tangled.This one also the advantages of this Tencel compared to other types of fabric
  6. Easy Treatment. This Tencel treatment is easy to do. In addition to being Eco friendly, this Tencel in principle can be washed manually or using a washing machine with a gentle spin.

The following are things about Tencel which become its own power from this type of fabric. After all the advantages of this Tencel, maybe it can be a serious consideration why you should choose this Tencel to be the main choice for the fabric that you will use as the basic material for your product. Especially for people who have quite sensitive skin, Tencel will certainly be the solution.