Cotton Vs Viscose, which one do you prefer ?

Cotton and Viscose are types of fabrics commonly used in the textile industry. The main difference between Cotton and Viscose is that Cotton uses natural materials and Viscose is made of natural polymers.

Let’s get to know what Cotton is first, Cotton is made from natural materials, which are made from real Cotton plant fibers. Cotton itself is a soft fibrous material that surrounds the seeds of the Cotton plant. This fiber is then made into textile yarn. This fiber comes from pure cellulose which is widely grown in tropical and subtropical areas. The use of Cotton as a basic material for making cloth has even been carried out since prehistoric times.

In fact, Cotton is often the most commonly used base material for making fabrics because it is known for its coolness and can be worn in quite warm climates. Even so, you have to be diligent in paying attention to the care because this Cotton Fabric or often called Cotton will usually get wrinkled over time. But don’t worry, because this material is very good at absorbing fluids or you could say it’s very good at absorbing sweat.

There’s a little explanation about Cotton, now let’s discuss Viscose, almost similar to Cotton, but this Viscose material is usually produced from natural polymers, Viscose fabrics have properties that are made of natural fibers. Therefore, Viscose fiber is quite versatile because it can produce the same texture as wool, to silk.

After quite know about Cotton and Viscose fabrics, let’s get to know the fabric characteristics of each of these fabrics.

Cotton Fabric Characteristic

Cotton Fabric is usually being choice for clothing because of its level of smoothness itself and also because this material is an organic material, in addition, the main thing is that this material has the ability to breathe or is called natural breathability so it felt cool when used for clothes. Pure Cotton is also an anti-allergic material and is safe for people who have sensitive skin.

Viscose Fabrics Characteristic

Viscose Fabrics is also one of the most popular types of fabric in the textile industry. Because it is not only used as clothing, Viscose is also commonly used for uniforms. Because the material is made of lightweight cellulose, this fabric is usually smoother and softer. In addition, it is usually also intended to be the basic material for blankets or mukena.

There are some things about Cotton or Viscose that we can explain about these 2 materials. Which material is better? It all back to your people personal taste and what will you made from will from those fabrics. Because Cotton and Viscose have their own advantages and disadvantages.

So, do you guys would prefer Cotton or Viscose Fabrics for your daily use of basic materials?