Complain Terms

By making payment, Customer already know and read all the complaint term of Zalmon Fabric

  1. Error Tolerance and 4 Point System
  2. Color Difference
  3. Wear Off
  4. Shrinkage
  5. Color Shift
  6. Sharpness and Quality
  7. Different color result (reorder)
  8. Wrong Direction
  9. Shipping Cost
  10. Complaint Requirement
  11. Fabric Reprinting Term


1 . Tolerance of 5% ERROR and 4 Point System.

All fabrics from Zalmon Fabric are made of 100% natural fibers and fully processed using automatic machines, therefore there will be 5% error tolerance for our product results. We may not be able to produce 100% perfect results due to factory production factors. Fabrics production system is a mass production system in which each customer cloth will be processed simultaneously in the other 5500 meter customer order quantity per batch.

For order more than 100 meter in one type of fabric, we are using 4 Point System fabric inspection. Within this system, fabric rolls are graded for defects. Each defect receives a certain number of points.

There is 10% of defect tolerance for the outside of the fabric area (i.e. the back side of the fabric). There might be a slightly staining on the back area of the fabric especially for the T-Shirt and Spandex materials. This happens due to the fabric production is operated in bulk with other designs from customers.


2. Color Difference with Monitor.

We do not accept complaints about the color differences between the results of the fabric and the design seen on the monitor screen if the customer did not test print beforehand.

For customers who want to do a print test, the customer must send Proof Color / Color Direction (in the form of hard copy in the form of print on paper or print direction on the fabric) first. To proof the color in the form of fabric, the type of fabric must be the same as the type of fabric ordered. There will be a tolerance of color differences between the color directions sent by consumers and the fabric print test results of 5% – 10%.

There will be a tolerance of color differences between the test print and bulk production / down large production, by 5% -10%


3. Wear off.

Please wash the white and colored fabric separately, we can not replace fabrics that have been washed by the Customer in a mixed state that causes the color wear off from the color fabric to the white fabric.

For the first washing of some fabrics, there will be dissolving of exessive ink during the washing process. The water used to wash might not be 100% clear, but do not worry for it is not wearing off, it is just cleaning of the exessive ink.

The wear off category is where the ink on the colored fabric area will propagate into the white fabric area during the washing process.


4. Shrinkage.

There will be a shrinkaging of the length of the fabric ordered with the actual fabric size (maximum 0.5-8%), for example the ordered size is 100 x 150 cm to 95 x 148 cm.

The amount of shrinkage:

All Cotton and Silk base materials: 0.5 – 3%

All the basic materials of Rayon Viscose, Tencel, Bamboo, Canvas and Jersey: 3-8%

Customer could help by providing design to anticipate the shrinkage. Complaints are not accepted except result of shrinkage more than 8%.


5. Color shift due to the basic color difference of fabric..

Base fabrics can have different white colour gradations due to the different batch of fabric production. This may affect the colour results on the fabric, then there will be a tolerance of 5-10% shifting in colour (and more in some other fabrics) compared to the previous production.

Any colour matching archive from the first order will only last for 3 months after the last colour matching process. If after 3 months you are planning to reorder, we recommend redoing colour matching process to keep its accuracy.


6. Sharpness and quality of printing.

The printing result in color and sharpness is strongly influenced by the file characters. You could request a design consultation with our professionals or try Proof Printing before printing larger batch. If the steps above are not made, we could not accept the complaint.


7. Different color result (reorder).

The color result of a repeating order will not be exactly 100% the same as the previous order. Thus, customer is expected to send a sample of fabric(s) that has been printed previously, to get a similar color (5-10% tolerance). The sample can be a small piece of fabrics, which represents every color of the design/pattern. Zalmon Fabric would not be responsible for more than 10% difference of color result in the repeating order if customer failed to send the sample.


8. Wrong direction for position layout design.

We can not accept complaints for the wrong direction between the position of the X image (width of fabric) and Y (length of fabric). Please read the full terms at Design Term.


9. Shipping cost for return of goods.

For returned items, shipping charges will be Customer's responsibility unless for:

  • Design in print is different from the design given by the Customer
  • The fabric in print is different from the fabric ordered by the Customer
  • Especially for sewing services, if there are items that should be sewn but we do not sew

Please save the receipt and contact our Customer Relation Officer for reimbursement.


10. The requirement to file a complaint is:.

  • Fabrics should not be deformed (not to be cut, stitched, cut or shaped).
  • The deadline for filing a complaint is a maximum of D + 3 since the fabric is received by the Customer.
  • Make sure the complaints are withing our acceptable complaint terms as stated in this page.
  • We can not compensate for the late processing time caused by factors beyond our control such as engine damage, customer changing design, and color matching process.


11. Fabric Reprinting Term.

If customer’s complaint meet the terms and conditions above, compensation can be provided by performing reprinting process which requires 14 – 21 working days of production time until the fabric is ready to ship. The time we provide in this section, does not include the color matching proces