Meet TENCEL™, The New Age Fiber

Meet TENCEL™; the new age fiber. When TENCEL™ was created, it opened up a new chapter in the history of fibers. It is a unique fiber made from wood pulp that is extremely eco-friendly, more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.



Commonly made from eucalyptus trees, TENCEL™ is made of regenerated fibers; cellulose fibers of a plant was dissolved with chemicals and the result was then made into more easily woven fiber again.

This process is done on a closed-loop system, which means that 99% of the water, chemicals and solvents used in the process are recovered and recycled with minimum waste and very low emissions. This process was given the European Award for the Environment by the EU in the area of sustainable management of the environment and resources. Comparing cotton to TENCEL™, cotton needs up to 5 times as much the quality farmland and uses up to 20 times more water.



  • TENCEL™ is also praised for its aesthetical and textural benefits. It shrink less, wrinkle less, and breathe more. This fabric is composed of long & smooth nanofibrils – very small fibers – which causes it to be hydrophilic, making the fabric better at absorbing moisture. This unique moisture absorption ability makes TENCEL™ collect less odor and less bacteria. Bacteria does not stand a chance. This fabric stays fresh for longer!


  • It also creates an optimal skin climate. Due to its superior moisture absorption, TENCEL™ actually has a cool feel to the touch. This fabric is 50% more breathable than cotton and will adjust to your climate conditions – whether it’s indoor or outdoor, hot or cold.


  • TENCEL™ is also very silky and gentle to the skin. Its smooth fiber surface promotes an optimal skin feeling. The softness of the fabric prevents irritation to the skin. Compared to cotton and wool, TENCEL™ fibers are much smoother and softer (rougher fiber surfaces can cause skin irritations).




The only downsides of TENCEL™ is its lengthy production time and how it’s a little bit more pricey compared to other fabrics. Here is a comparison of TENCEL™ with other fabrics.


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