Dear Our Valuable Friends

We would like to thank you for your faith in Zalmon and the mission that we stand by. As you know, Zalmon is not just another digital fabric printing company—we are one committed to using only 100% natural and organic fabric. Our humble beginnings started from the understanding that small scale printing on natural and organic fabric was not a readily available market. Much of what the textile industry is doing is not beneficial to the environment around us. Hence, we decided to bring a simple solution: a one-stop online shop where you can easily choose a customizable design on an environmentally safe and friendly fabric.

Our journey began over 30 years ago as a family-run textile company. As generations passed and markets continued to change and develop, we felt the need to cater to the growing demands for fabric printing. Therefore, in 2015, we decided to launch a sector solely dedicated to digital fabric printing. As our awareness of our responsibilities to our earthly home grew, we began to emphasize the importance of sustainability and how we can incorporate fashion into our mission. Today, Zalmon is a growing company and team of 17 talented and motivated people who want to see a changed and sustained world.

Our mission is simple: create a platform for customized fabric printing and make sustainable green fabric the future for the fashion industry. We love fashion, but we also love the environment; our passions to see a greener earth is what drives us to do and give our very best. When you receive our products, know that it is not only a personalized work of art, but also a step closer to a more sustainable earth. Everyone should have a hand in saving their home, and everyone should be able to do so in a fun and exciting way: the organic and natural fabric that we provide is much more comfortable, healthier for the skin, and more environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

The diverse and beautiful country of Indonesia is where Zalmon calls home. We love our country, and as a team, we enjoy supporting the local businesses and economies around us. Because our team is made up of Indonesian citizens devoted to their country, we proudly use raw materials that are 100% locally produced and sourced. We also make sure that these materials undergo a certified eco-friendly process that aligns with our vision for a clean and green future.

We are patrons and protectors of this earth, and it is our job to make sure our future generations see a world worth living in. As much as we take from nature and the community, we feel it is only fair that our responsibility is to give back and take care of the planet that sustains us. One of our many green campaigns include cleaning up the Citarum River. As a team, it broke our hearts to see Indonesia’s third largest river listed as one of the most polluted in the world. Working with other companies, in a day, we were able to plant over 1,500 trees along the river. Much of what we do revolves around our hopes to see, not only the Citarum River clean and healthy once again, but also the whole earth. 

Zalmon is more than just a fabric printing company; we strive to make the natural world a better place through we what we do. We encourage you all to join in on our mission and choose natural and organic fabrics to support our special, green home. And that is why we are here; consider our online store a one-stop shop for all things natural, customizable, and sustainable. You can select from over 30 natural fabrics and hundreds of free patterns to create your own personalized, organic fabric. The designs of your choice are limitless—all you need is a little creativity and we will do the rest. And worry not about your carbon footprint, our fabrics are 100% natural and sustainable. Looking good and saving the earth has never been so easy! 

We thank you for trusting us to walk this journey of sustainable fashion with you, and the world thanks you for helping us pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future. 

We look forward to working with you and changing the world with you one green fabric at a time,