Zalmon Starter Course Video

Rp 350.000

Further explanation of the right strategies in starting your business, served in video format, with practical tips that you can implement.


Sample Pack - Complete Set

Rp 269.000

All types of fabric that is available in Zalmon Fabric can be found here. Perfect for you to experience the hand-feel and finally get the suitable fabric for your business.


E-book bundle

Rp 200.000

Titled Short Guide to Sustainability and How to Create Seamless Design and Color Scheme, they are ready to help you to confidently switch to sustainable fashion.


Zalmon Note Book

Rp 100.000

There will be so much insight out there, and you need a notebook to write them down.


Have you faced any of these?

  • Putting plenty of capital to get a lower cost per product
  • Having high inventory for products that don't sell well
  • Having a cash flow slump over your low-demand products Having to do clearance sales in order to clear your inventory
  • Losing money instead of gaining some
  • Having no idea on where to start your business?
  • Not having enough initial investment to start your business?
  • Having seen your friends and families’ businesses fail, you’re scared to start your own?
  • Afraid because you’ve seen your friends & families’ businesses fail?
  • Never actually starting your own business.

No matter what the struggles are in your sustainable fashion business, all you need is:


And our starter kit contains just that…

It’s true, there is no magic pill that can solve every struggle of each clothing business.


But with our Starter Kit, you would avoid these problems:


Ideating without validating

Being excited about your fashion business idea without doing any prior product-market fit testing.


Going straight to execution

Going straight to selling your products without first seeking to understand the market demand.


Going all-out with the initial capital

When you are first starting out, you’d need to order hundreds of meters of fabric. Naturally, you would need a lot of capital to begin with as well.


Not having a clear positioning, USP, nor branding

Focusing on the product that you have is good, but without a proper positioning and branding, your business would have no ‘soul’.

Time to adopt the right strategies:


Recognizing the upcoming fashion trend

Recognizing the current trend is equal to recognizing the market demand. If you want your sustainable fashion business to run a little bit smoother, trends are the hint that can help you. Then, you can adjust some of the elements to your products.


Pick the right product/fabric

Talking about trends comes with the fabric type. The right type of fabric can be found in Zalmon Fabric, ranging from cotton, viscose, TENCEL, to EcoVero. While the ready stock fabric is available in Bursa Kain.


Have your own unique selling point

A little bit different is better than just a little bit better. What differs your product from competitors is the key to obtain the attention of your customers.


Consider the cash flow

The supplier that you make deals with determines how many and smooth the cash flow of your sustainable fashion business will be. The lesser the capital you need, the lower chance that your cash flow will be stuck.

Knowing you will get tips to build your sustainable fashion business, tips to create a seamless pattern and color scheme, a complete set of fabric samples, and a notebook, all of them for only Rp 299.000 (worth Rp 919.000), don’t you want Zalmon Starter Kit?



"Worth it banget, kalo mau bikin organic shirt lagi pasti ke Zalmon Fabric."

Marketing Manager Billionaire's Project


"I like the beautifull colours and fabric quality, eco-friendly ink and fabric, also the friendly personable service.
It's easy to communicate with in terms of production and artwork file transfer."

Leanne Claxton
Founder Claxton


"Kain organic yang worth it banget untuk dipilih, super nyaman dibandingkan polyester dan customer aku suka!"

Euis Rostika
Creative Director Zayana Organic


"Kita kebanyakan menggunakan kain Cotton Canvas, dan sangat kagum dengan hasil printnya.
Warnanya keluar sekali, tidak luntur dan membuat illustrasi kita menjadi seperti lukisan"

Temma Prasetio