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Zalmon Starter Kit

Rp 299.000

Everything you need to start a business, including:
1. Zalmon Fabric Sample Pack - Complete Set
2. Zalmon Starter Video Course
3. Ebook Bundle
4. Zalmon Note Book

1. Zalmon Fabric Sample Pack - Complete Set
All new fabric catalog contains 28 different printed organic fabrics, with the size of 13x20 cm each.

1. Cotton Eco Twill
2. Rayon Eco Twill
3. Cotton Sheeting
4. Cotton Poplin
5. Cotton Voile (Organic Voal)
6. Cotton Spandex
7. Rayon Challis (Viscose Challis)
8. Classic Rayon 40
9. Rayon Voile (Voal)
10. Satin Viscose
11. Viscose Filament
12. Pure TENCELâ„¢
13. Euca Fascia
14. Euca Bombacio
15. TENCELâ„¢ Modal
16. Euca R.T
17. Euca Dobby Super
18. Cotton Baby Terry
19. Premium Cotton Jersey
20. Cotton Bamboo
21. Eco Linen
22. Baby Canvas Peach
23. Baby Canvas Non Peach
24. Cotton Canvas 10
25. Premium Viscose Wool
26. Premium Viscose Crepe
27. Premium Satin Silk
28. Lyco Satin Spandex

2. Zalmon Starter Video Course
Video content discusses the impactable strategy to starting and building a clothing business, packed concisely and concisely so it can be applied to your business.

3. Ebook Bundle
a. Short Guide to Sustainable Fashion
Knowing that Textile Industry contributes as the second largest industry to pollute the earth, this is the time for your brand to switch to Sustainable Fashion. Yes, switching is not a piece of cake. Thus, you can read this Ebook to learn more and take proper action in running your sustainable business.

b. How to Create Seamless Design and Color Scheme
Every brand owner wants to have their own design, to be introduced as their own identity and uniqueness from many other brands at the market. With the ability to create such things, your brand will always have a character through the design and able to constantly create new ones. This is perfect to keep your customers being loyal with your brand.

c. Which Fabric Is Best for You
Each fabric has its own characteristic, strength, weakness, and of course, function. Be it for shirt, T-shirt, hijab, scarf, kids bedding, bag, mask, scrunchie, or anything else. Moreover, you can choose between the thicker or thinner shirt, and the durable or flowy one. Each of them are unique. From many of fabrics available in Zalmon Fabric, which one is best for you? In this eBook, you will learn more which fabric is suitable be it for your personal inquiry or the fashion brand you run.

4. Zalmon Note Book
There will be so much insight out there, and you need a notebook to write them down.


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