Which Fabric Is Best for You

By Zalmon Fabric

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Each fabric has its own characteristic, strength, weakness, and of course, function. Be it for shirt, T-shirt, hijab, scarf, kids bedding, bag, mask, scrunchie, or anything else. Moreover, you can choose between the thicker or thinner shirt, and the durable or flowy one. Each of them are unique. From many of fabrics available in Zalmon Fabric, which one is best for you? In this eBook, you will learn more which fabric is suitable be it for your personal inquiry or the fashion brand you run. Download now!


-Available in Bahasa Indonesia and English
-Available in high definition (HD)
-Page: 33 pages
-Size: 2 Mb


Important notes:
-You will get this eBook in .pdf format.
-We will send this eBook no later than 1 working day after purchase.
-If you have any question or having problems in downloading the eBook, feel free to contact us.


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