Fabric Dye

custom printing kain organik zalmon fabric

Fabric Dye

custom printing kain organik zalmon fabric

Fabric Dyeing Services

Zalmon fabric offers fabric dyeing services. The result of our service is dyed fabric with full color printing on the front and back using reactive ink. All of our fabric is made of 100% organic fibers, non-polyester.

Price List:

Fabric type Price per meter for
quantity 200meter
Cotton Sheeting 64.000
Cotton Poplin 64.000
Cotton Voile 64.000
Cotton Spandex 71.000
Rayon Challis 61.000
Classic Rayon 40 61.000
Rayon Voile 61.000
Eco Vero 30 70.000
Pure Tencel ™ 80s 75.000
Tencel ™ Eco 30s Twill 87.000
Baby Canvas Peach 69.000
Baby Canvas Non peach 68.000
Satin Viscose 69.500
Rayon Eco Twill 66.000
Cotton Eco Twill 75.500
Euca Fascia 76.500
Lyco Satin Spandex 96.000
Viscose Filament 77.500
Cotton Bamboo 108.000
Euca Bombacio 85.000
Euca R.T 77.000
Euca Dobby Supper 71.000
Eco Linen 75.500
Tencel Modal 167.000
Baby Terry 86.000
Premium Cotton Jersey 76.000


  • Quantity in one batch is per 200 meters for one type and one color                                     
  • For orders more than 200 meters, it will be made in a separate batch. Please note that the colors between the production batches will not be 100% exact, there will be a color tolerance of around 5-10% for each different batch production (although with same color)                                                      
  • The customer must provide a color direction in the form of Pantone code (can be in TPX or TCX code) or a physical direction in the form of proof print on HVS paper or in any fabric material. Then we will give a sample size of 10x10 cm for each color. The process of matching color for the sample is 1-2 weeks.                                     
  • The sample making price is IDR 350,000 per sample (can consist of several different colors). This fee will be credited to the total payment of large production if the Customer orders, or will expire if the Customer does not order.                                     
  • The total duration of fabric dyeing is 3-4 weeks after the sample is approved.

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