Digital Printing

First in Indonesia direct printing on 100% Natural Fabric using Reactive Ink

How it works

  1. Step 1 : Choose Your Fabrics

    Choose from 33 kinds of fabrics we have. Do not worry, we only use 100% Naturals fabrics. No polyester allowed! Wanna know more? Click here

  2. Step 2 : Have Your Designs Ready

    You want to print your designs/artwork? We got your back! All you need to do is to make sure it fits our format. For more information about designs, go to Design Page

    Do not yet have your designs? use Our Pattern for free or Textile Design Service Page

  3. Step 3 : Complete The Order Details

    Fill in the detailed order to help us to understand your idea. Make sure all the colums are filled in completely and correctly.

    Click Here to download the order form
    Contact us through our Whatsapp for help.

  4. Step 4 : Make The Payment

    You will receive your order details and bill. Please make the payment as soon as possible. The orders will be processed only after payment takes place. Important thing to do before making the payment:

    1. Make sure the order detail is according to your order form
    2. Read and agree to our terms and conditions that could be found Here .

  5. Step 5 : Sit Still and Let Us Print Your Fabrics!

    We will send the orders to the Production Team. Your order will be processed following the Production Schedule and will take 14 - 21 working days starting from the Production Schedule. Please make the payment and send us the details at least 3 days before the production schedule.

    Please note, that there could be color difference of printed fabrics compared to color in the computer screen result from our reactive process. To avoid too distinct color change, please request for color matching process (IDR 50,000.00). The time we provide in this section, does not include the color matching process

    For international shipping pricelist please refer to this Page

    Want to know about lead time, how your products are made and more? Click To Know

  6. Step 6 : Receive and Review

    Thank you for walking with us to reduce polyester (plastic) use in daily goods! We look forward to hearing from you, your thoughts, your ideas and more! We have done Double check to make sure things go well for you using our 4 point system. The best fabric is on its way to you.
    After receiving your fabric, let us know your thoughts regarding fabrics Here

  7. Step 7 : Privacy and Copyright

    Design Copyright : We appreciate design or artwork copyright. if you are worried, you could make an agreement doc that fits your needs and send it over to us. We will sign it for you!