Mengapa Digital Printing? Mengapa Zalmon Fabric?

Why Digital Printing? Why Zalmon Fabric?


Why natural fabric? Why Digital Printing? What is the different within Zalmon Fabric and other digital printing?


Did you know that Zalmon Fabric is the first and only digital printing fabric manufacturer (currently) in Indonesia for natural fiber material without polyester that has no minimum order. There are several other natural fiber printing manufacturers of course, and most of them have a minimum quantity usually start from 2000-meters per motive. While in Zalmon Fabric, you can make fabric with your own motive ranging from 1-meter.


There are several fabric printing technologies in Indonesia: rotary printing, screen printing, flat printing, sublime printing, digital printing. The difference from each printing technique is from the color component and the motif that can be produced.


For large retail industry scale (Zara, H & M, Topshop, etc.) usually use rotary or flat printing. This printing technique has a cheaper price per meter, but the minimum quantity per motive is much more (usually 6000 meters per motive). The resulting color is also limited to 12 colors and repeat size and shape design is also limited.


For medium-scale retail industries with high end prices (Gucci, Prada, Hermes, etc.) usually use digital printing (as in Zalmon Fabric), sublime printing or printing screen. Where high end brands now use more digital printing because the quality of materials produced is much more premium. Differences in digital printing with sublime is on the use of printing media. In Zalmon Fabric all design will be printed directly on fabric, while in sublime printing, the fabric will be printed on paper first and then will be transferred to fabric using heating element. For printing screen, is printing with a technique that resembles screen printing (made screen first). Resembles screen printing (made screen first). Resembles screen printing (made screen first).will be transferred to fabric using heating element. For printing screen, is printing with a technique that resembles screen printing (made screen first).


There are several advantages and disadvantages of each printing technique available.


Also note the use of natural fiber materials usually only be used on rotary printing techniques, screen and digital. And for in Indonesia alone we are the first digital printing supplier who has no minimum order. Why nothing else?

1. Due to the complexity of existing production processes. We have long production lines. Starting from the pre-treatment process of greige fabrics, the process of coating fabric before printing, printing process, steaming process, washing process, drying process, setting process and finishing process. And in every link there will be a huge failure of production risk.


2. Machine efficiency.

It would be very harmful for a company if it has invested the machine with a high price, and only receive 1-meter order only. When to return the money? But this is different in Zalmon Fabric, we have a secret Zalmon technique that enables us to continue to receive 1-meter fabric orders. There are other companies in Indonesia that have digital printing also with natural fiber materials of course, but no one dare to accept without a minimum order.       



Then next, why natural fiber?

Did you know that the price of natural fiber fabrics will be more expensive than the sale price of polyester or mixed fiber fabrics. Because of the quality of the fabric, natural fibers will be cooler, comfortable, not hot, not slippery, healthier, more durable, do not irritate the skin, and last longer than polyester fabrics. Therefore, you should be wondering if there is a polyester fabric seller that sells the same price as a natural fiber material. Be smart customers guys! And also, if you know, for in some developed countries, the use of polyester fabric has begun to slowly be replaced with more environmentally friendly materials. Due to the production process of natural fiber fabrics with digital printing techniques will produce less waste than polyester material or other printing techniques. Then there are health issues, where many skin and health problems are caused by excessive use of polyester material.


For the price of its own, Zalmon Fabric has a price that is quite affordable compared to its overseas companies (because we are the only one in Indonesia then there is no comparison in the country). You can compare his prices with some printing companies like:,,, Why can we sell more cheaply? It's a common secret due to the labor cost in Indonesia is still below the prices of the country. And we've done surveys to some of these printing companies, and we can confidently say that the quality of Zalmon Fabric digital printing is able to compete with their quality. Even for now we also sell our cloth export.


We are pleased and ready to support Indonesia's textile industry to be more competitive in this era of globalization by presenting technology that is not inferior to other developed countries. For the Entrepreneurs of Indonesia, we are ready to realize all your imagination into a beautiful textile work and can bring Indonesia become more fragrant in the eyes of the world.


Finally, we say thank you to all of you who have supported and provided support to us all this time. We apologize if there has been any production that is not in accordance with your expectations, we will always improve the quality of our products and services. Please do not hesitate to contact our staff always if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback.



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