Green Scarf


A complete package to start a scarf / hijab business.

One that is 100% Organic, made of natural fibers without polyester.

About Organic Hijab & Scarf:


The Market: The market for hijabs and scarfs in Indonesia is incredbly large and is still growing at a steady pace. But, take into account that the global consumer's taste has shifted more into organic things, especially with scarfs and hijabs. 


The Organic: That's because organic fibers are superior Organic fibers are more comfortable to wear and is cooler to the touch. organic fibers are also more durable, easier to be shaped, friendlier to the even most sensitive of skin, and more sustainable for the environment.


The Customization: Fashion trends nowadays are very dynamic. Everybody wishes to appear fashionable - consumers now want a high degree of customization to stand out and be different.


The Printing: Therefore, printing becomes the obvious choice. With printing on fabric, we can customize each fabric with a print result that's always high-res.


Zalmon Fabric is your one-stop fabric printing solution, the first in Indonesia to use all natural fibers (100% organic, without polyester). All these can be purchased, without any minimum order.


Green Scarf Package from Zalmon Fabric



Natural and Organic Fabric Selection:

  • TENCEL™ by Lenzing: one of our best seller fabric (only us who produces this special fabric). Made from eucalyptus tree fibres 100% organic - non polyester. Characteristics: very comfortable and soft, able to adjust with body temperature, non-transparent, easy to make, anti bacteria.
  • Cotton Voile: one of the voile fabric made from 100% cotton. Characteristics: cold, easy to make, not shiny, very comfortable to wear
  • Rayon Voile: another voile fabric made from 100% rayon viscose. Characteristics: cold, very soft, not shiny, very comfortable to wear
  • Satin Viscose: one of the rayon fabric contains satin thread, 100% rayon viscose. Characteristics: semi glossy and soft, luxurious look like silk, thicker than the other fabrics

Production Duration:

  • 1-50 pcs : + 21 working days
  • 51-200 pcs : + 28 working days
  • 200-500 pcs : + 35 working days
  • 500-700 pcs : + 42 working days
  • 700-1000 pcs : + 49 working days

Production duration can be changed depends on the capacity at that time and can be accelerated if Customers are using the same design 


  • Price includes price of fabric + sewing + steaming, so that your products are ready to be used or sold directly
  • Different designs may be mixed within your purchase with no limitations (For example, for an order of 10 pcs, you can use 10 different 
  • A difference of  +3% in the size of the finished goods shall be tolerated (this is due to the shrinking of the natural fibers. Polyester doesn't shrink because it's made of plastic. Also, some areas will be used for the stitching. Therefore we can't guarantee that the finished products will be 100% the same as the sizing on the table). For example, for a scarf with a sizing of 110 x 110 cm, there is a chance that the finished good would have the sizing of 113 X 115 cm or 108 X 108 cm or 112 x 113 cm, etc.
  • Payment is done fully upfront for quantities less than 100 pcs. For quantities over 100 pcs, you can do a down payment of 50% upfront and pay the rest 50% when the products are finished.

Bowing Tolerance (curvature in fabric due to shrinkage) of max 3% Especially for fabrics like TENCEL™ by Lenzing (This is because TENCEL™ by Lenzing is the thinnest fabric of all)

  • For scarfs, the bowing tolerance is maximum 3.5% of the width of the fabric. 
    • For example: The width of the TENCEL™ fabric is 145 cm, then its bowing tolerance is 5cm.

Material Options:

A note about Voile:

Voile, is a type of thread design construction. There are different types of Voile, including Rayon/Viscose, Cotton, or a mix blend. There is no polyester Voile, because only organic materials can be considered Voile.

We use Rayon and Cotton Voile for our scarf products. They are made of 100% wood fiber and cotton, without polyester. Therefore these fabrics are colder, softer, less shiny and are way more comfortable to wear, compared to Voile that is made of a mixed fiber.

A note about TENCEL™ by Lenzing:

TENCEL™ by Lenzing is a type of imported fabric that is made of the pulp of eucalyptus trees, creating a fabric that's 100% organic. We have already received the official certification by Lenzing in Austria. The uniqueness of this fabric is its softness and comfort. TENCEL™ also absorbs moisture & sweat much quicker and is much better at regulating body temperature. The production process of this fabric is also 100% eco-friendly and we reuse 99% of the water and solvents used during production. Only in Zalmon Fabric can you find a fabric like this.

We use Lyocell LF fiber thread with certification number #31829173.

Scarf and Hijab Design Terms For The Green Scarf Package:

Design specifications can be seen here. If the design you sent does not have the same size as the sizing term above, then we can not be held reponsible if the final result of the scarf / hijab has a different size than your expectations.

We also can help you create a design, click here for more information. 

Free designs you can use

You can use these design below and add a custom logo with the name of your brand. 

Type of Stitches

The type of stitch that we have is clean sewing. We will adjust the color of the thread to the background color of your design (can't request).

Clean sewing


Don't stop here. Add value to your brand with other services that Zalmon provides:


Our team of professionals are ready to translate the design you have in your dreams into reality, printed on the beautiful surface of a fabric. Two design services offered: tracing design service and orginal design service.

Learn More.



Zalmon Offers cheaper fabric with installment plans to help support the local economy by encouraging the growth of SMEs

Learn more.



Create your own merchandise, be it tees, shirts, pouches, or totebags. All 100% Organic.

Learn More.


This program is part of the Business Package for UMKM By Zalmon.

More about Business Package For UMKM


Design specifications and production terms are available here: Design Terms

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