Zalmon E-Gift Card

Zalmon E-Gift Card

Inspired by endangered marine species : Hawksbill Turtle, Vaquita, Blue Whale, Steller, and Hammerhead Shark, Zalmon presents you with the Zalmon E-Gift card. This is a special deal for you, much cheaper price and free credit for your purchase in your market bounce back preparation.

You can get one out of five of your favorite gift card :

custom printing kain organik zalmon fabric

Hawksbill Card
Card worth : IDR 1,000,000
Price : IDR 700,000

custom printing kain organik zalmon fabric

Vaquita Card
Card worth : IDR 2,000,000
Price : IDR 1,400,000

custom printing kain organik zalmon fabric

Blue Whale Card
Card worth : IDR 3,000,000
Price : IDR 2,100,000

custom printing kain organik zalmon fabric

Card worth : IDR 4,000,000
Price : IDR 2,800,000

custom printing kain organik zalmon fabric

Hammerhead Shark
Card worth : IDR 5,000,000
Price : IDR 3,500,000

You can only get one per person, and the card can be used only by registered owner. You can get the card through our Customer Representative through Whatsapp here.

We are grateful that you are walking with us decreasing the input of plastic waste into the sea. We still want the Hawksbill to be there when we grow old. What about you?

Term and conditions :

  • Gift card can be used for multiple transaction within the balance
  • Valid until May 2021
  • Only for registered owner
  • Cannot be used with ongoing promotion


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