BreatheEazy Technology 

BreatheEazy is the latest technological innovation on fabric that specifically addresses to the fabric’s pores to make them breathe and remove heat & moisture effectively from the fabric, creating a fabric that remains cool, dry, and clean, all day long.


A Breathing Fabric

With opened pores that expel heat effectively, fabric equipped with the BreatheEazy technology may breathe 3X more compared to regular cotton, making it very comfortable to be worn on your skin all day long.


Staying Cool and Dry

Fabric with BreatheEazy absorbs and expels moisture quickly through its pores, creating a fabric that stays dry, yet cool to the touch. The longer the fabric is worn, the colder the fabric would feel like. Because the fabric stays dry, bacterial growth is very limited


A Hygienic Fabric

Due to the limited bacterial growth, the surface of fabric equipped with BreatheEazy sees a decrease in bacteria by up to 200 times more than that of Polyester. Fabric with BreatheEasy stays cleaner and free of odour longer.


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