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Ever wanted to print your favorite pictures on fabric? Or even deck out your pillows and curtains with pictures of your adorable pets? Well you can do so now! Zalmon fabric specializes in digital printing on organic fabric. Unique from different companies and brands, Zalmon Fabric avoids the use of synthetic and non-organic fibers. Devoid of plastic and chemicals in their fabric, Zalmon Fabric offers you the softest and safest, reducing, not only the toxic burdens on your body, but also on the environment.


Printing on fabric has been done for many centuries, and will certainly stay for many more to come. However, digital printing breaks new grounds for creative artists, designers, and illustrators alike. When it comes to digital printing, the sky’s the limit! From design, to size, to color, there are endless possibilities to express your creativity on fabric. Customers like you can easily choose from different types of organic fabric—cotton, rayon, baby terry, tencel, bamboo, and silk—to create an endless amount of products such as scarves, clothes, curtains, pillow covers, bed sheets, and many more. The process itself is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Quickly choose your favorite design or photo, send it over to Zalmon Fabric with specified size and material, and within just a week, your product would be sent right to your front door!



Digital printing really does open up new doors for those of you just bursting to express your art on a new medium. Print your favorite work of art on your pillows and scarves for the world to see; digital printing really is just another canvas for someone to draw on. And you don’t need to be an artist to do so! You don’t need to be a painter or graphic designer to customize your own fabric, you can easily send over a pattern or design you find interesting (a design on your clothes perhaps, or even a drawing you see on the wall) and our talented design team will make your dreams come true. Furthermore, we have an endless amount of motifs in our archives for you to choose from! The choices are truly endless!


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