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Characteristics, Types and Recommendation, Fabric Care Instruction

Made from extracting cellulose from the wood fibers, viscose (or commonly known as Rayon) is known for its cool, flowy, and soft touch suitable for making shirts, dresses, even scarves. Has been one of the best selling fabrics, especially nearing Eid Al Fitri proves its comfort and convenience to use all day long. This is what natural fabric is all about.


“It is cool, soft, and flowy. Most importantly, it is Eco-Friendly”

Giving maximum comfort, coolness, anti odor, and antibacterial properties are why natural fabrics are gaining its popularity. But not only that, our rayon is eco-friendly and sustainable.

We know, as an earth lover, you would argue on how much waste was produced when extracting the cellulose from the wood fiber, leaves you wondering if RAYON is really Eco- Friendly? fiber sourced from APR, here below, we will explain why our RAYON is Eco-Friendly :

  • Fiber is sourced from a renewable source of wood pulp

    The wood pulp is taken from sustainably managed plantations and forests. Harvested and replanted.

  • Extraction and Producing with Minimized Waste

    Inspired and moved by the urgency of climate change, our rayon fiber production waste was treated with robust chemical recovery, allowing the same active chemicals to be re-extracted and re-used in the next batch of production. The rest of the waste was treated before safe disposal (SteP by Oeko-Tex certification).

  • Woven in Our Facility

    We weave the fabric ourselves, and by that, not only we are able to control the waste, we are able to guarantee the fabric quality.

  • Completely Biodegradable

    As the fiber was made from 100% wood pulp extraction and no synthetic fibers, our RAYON fabrics are completely degradable once it is thrown away, leaving no trace or non-degradable waste that can damage the environment, especially marine ecosystem.



If you are down for this cool, soft, and flowy fabric, the good news is we have different types of fabric that may cater your need. Here below are the rayon choices :

  • Rayon Eco Twill

    Description :100% 40s Rayon Thread with twill thread construction. More

    Suitable for : Casual / hawaiian shirt, pajamas, tunics

  • Rayon Challis

    Description : 100% 30s Rayon Thread plain construction. More

    Suitable for : Shirts, beach blankets, outers

  • Classic Rayon 40

    Description : 100% 40s Rayon Thread plain construction. More

    Suitable for : Baby blanket, baby bedsheet, outer, curtains

  • Rayon Voile

    Description : 100% 60s Rayon Thread plain construction. More

    Suitable for : Scarves, hijabs, mukenas, handkerchiefs

  • Satin Viscose

    Description : 100% 40s Rayon Thread satin construction. More

    Suitable for : Dresses, tunics, fashion scarves

  • Viscose Filament

    Description : 100% 30s Rayon Thread woven filament construction. More

    Suitable for : Vintage shirts, scarves


The fabrics are suitable for a lot of things and not limited to our recommendation, it is your creativity to decide!


Natural fibers tend to be loosely constructed for maximum comfort and breathability. Printed with non-toxic Reactive Ink, fabrics and color will last longer if taken care following the fabric care instructions below :

  • 30°C Machine wash only, cold water ± 30 min (do not hand wash)
  • Line Dry, do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach (Do not use detergent containing chlorine)
  • Iron when damp



Not only do we aim for more sustainable production and product safe impact to the environment, RAYON also caters to your needs of comfortable, soft, cool and breathe-easy fabric. Having softness as its distinct properties, it is very suitable for sensitive skin or hygiene products. Get more and give more, choose RAYON.


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